in my studio in Cornwall

in my studio in Cornwall

About me

I find it difficult to talk about paintings, as words can only say so much. Painting is a different language. The way that an individual can perceive an image in a completely different way to another is always interesting to me.  I will elaborate on my blog page later.

I left Falmouth College of art 25 years ago and my work then, was primarily concerned with The Landscape. My paintings were the result of immediate and gestural responses to the landscape in front of me.  I was inspired by the later, almost abstract work by Turner and the way he captured the air, the elemental energy .

Moving on , I am now interested in a more formal and considered approach . To bring back the discipline , I spent 2 years at The famous Newlyn School of Art , life drawing . As a result of my time there my practise is  more considered . Using my  photographs and drawings simultaneously, I manipulate and compose images digitally, then once satisfied I commit to canvas. Even then there is room for change . .

My painting career is unusual as I had to home educate and implement therapies for many years as my son has autism . Therefore my painting never stopped ( to preserve sanity ) but I was no longer as fully engaged as you can see if you ask for my C.V .. I am now full time in my art studio as my son has the full time support he needs.

My present work can be viewed under the” Proposals for Galleries “section . They arenot for sale on line as it they can' not be viewed properly on a lit up screen .. I tried my best to avoid reflections with an I.Phone but these images don’t give a 100% idea of their aesthetics due to the high gloss shine of the media used. .

Personally I am drawn to paintings that I don't understand , that don't give you all of the answers immediately, that you can look at over and over again and see or  find new passages of paint or rhythm. As soon as I see something I can understand, I want to move on, in search for something more to hold my attention or ask questions .