Artists project a part of themselves into whatever they make.

Art shows what we care about . We dwell on that which excites us or moves us . It is this that drives our creative flow.

Your reaction to my work my be inline with my idea and vision , BUT I find it more gratifying when you bring your personal reflection to it, connecting with your experience . This gives my work a whole new reason to exist.

The way that an individual can perceive an image in a completely different way to another is always interesting to me , inspiring my Pareidolia series.

Personally I am drawn to paintings that I don't understand , that don't give you all of the answers immediately, that you can look at over and over again and see or  find new passages of paint or rhythm. As soon as I see something I can understand, I want to move on, in search for something more . 



Huka Falls Walls .Details can be found in New Work