Artists project a part of themselves into whatever they make.

Art shows what we care about . We dwell on that which excites us or moves us . It is this that drives our creative flow.

Your reaction to my work my be inline with my idea and vision , BUT I find it more gratifying when you bring your personal reflection to it, connecting with your experience . This gives my work a whole new reason to exist.

My work is made in response to the natural world . BUT , rather than just copying what I see , it is a connection with the energy and emotion that drives me .

The way that an individual can perceive an image in a completely different way to another is always interesting to me , inspiring my Pareidolia series.

Personally I am drawn to paintings that I don't understand , as soon as I see something I can understand, I want to move on, in search for something more, something I need to look at and make sense of or create my own narrative around is far more interesting . Thats your truth . Predictable paintings bore me. The UNPREDICTABLE excites me .

Many of us have had or have challenges to deal with. Often , a challenge leads us into change and fresh opportunities. After All Everything Changes .

So my work is all about accepting that life changes , moves on and that “accepting change “, leaves in its wake , exciting new paths for life adventures and personal growth .  



Huka Falls Walls .Details can be found in New Work