If I had a timeline to represent the changes in my work it would read :

1999 - left Falmouth School of Art and design with a BA hons. degree in Fine Art and a newborn baby.

Lots of sales at my degree show resulted in being offered a show at Lemon Street Gallery - this was a great success and I continued to paint with confidence .

2004 - My Son was diagnosed with Autism

Struggling, I continued to paint as much as I could exhibiting in joint and solo shows, Art Fairs and representation.

My work evolved gradually from landscapes through to seascapes and plant life. The rock pool paintings invited me to step into abstraction . Then, a need to go back to the discipline of life drawing. This led to work whereby I placed the figure into the landscape, a series of paintings I call Pareidolia.

It wasn’t until September 2017 that I had full-time support for my son at home .

Finally I could focus properly. I spent 2 years working without exhibiting at all.

I experimented with materials and processes to find out who I was artistically and what drove my creativity.

My New Work represents the art that I do now.

My Message :- My work represents energies and the unpredictable. I search for and embrace the unexpected and try to make order from chaos.

I have so much to be grateful to ART for. Without practising Art, I would now be a mentally drained, strained and pulped wreck.

The all consuming emotions, grief and sometimes over whelming helplessness that I felt while raising a special needs child drove me in into despair and depression, demanding my need for escapism. However my son has taught me so much - inspiring

L I T - A R T .

Creativity is like meditation. I concentrate on walking the tightrope, from the start ( the idea ) to the solid ground at the other end, the finished painting .

Art has been my creative knight in shining armour. Once I’m on that creative gallop, my mind clears, relaxes and escapes .

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