News About the Home Improvements and Builders Show, Wadebridge, last weekend.

LIT - ART continued to receive much praise and exclamations of "wows" and smiles of delight. I'm inspired by the people I met, from Interior designers to builders and the ideas they had, one lady has asked me to design a splash back for her new kitchen - Brilliant !

As I write this, a finished version of the prototype bar table is being produced along with a circular frame for port hole style ( image above ) LIT- ART wall hanging units. I look forward to sending the photos to you as soon as they are finished.

I've attached a video of the 'Under Water ' LIT - ART unit to this email.
I hope you enjoy watching as the changing colours also change the composition .
My message is all about embracing change, as, in the ways of change we find our direction through life.

A quick demo of the colours changing in a new wall panel .